Best Forex Trading Courses 2022

The forex market is an exciting place to be in. Ease of trading, a low entry bar, and a promise to turn your fantasy into reality make forex trading an attractive prospect. But forex trading can be a double-edged sword. If done with a proper strategy and planning, it can bring a handsome dividend and a far better return on investment than you will get elsewhere. But if you begin forex trading without first understanding its dynamics, you may lose your hard-earned money faster than you can imagine.

If you have made up your mind to involve yourself in forex trading, the first logical step you should take is to understand how forex trading works and the basics of the forex market. The best way to begin forex trading is first to acquaint yourselves with the forex market fundamentals. Gone are the days when you had to spend a long time searching for the right mentor. With the advent of the internet, online courses on forex trading are just a click away. But like so many other things on the internet, online forex trading courses have ups and downs. The internet puts in touch with all kinds of people claiming to be forex trading experts. It is difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff. In this blog, we will inform you about the best courses available on forex trading and where to look for it.

Beginners with no expertise in forex trading find it a daunting task to decide which course to take to understand the fundamentals of forex trading. A simple search on the internet for authentic mentors and relevant courses can overwhelm anyone. In their frustration and hurry, many beginners decide to do their own independent research rather than tearing their hair out over something as innocuous as finding the right teacher and course online. Though Independent research is good and may even lead to great results, a course completed under professional lets you gain a comprehensive understanding of forex trading and every important thing that goes into making the forex market. Being an autodidact may work for a few, but the vast majority need to be guided by a professional forex trader to get a peek into forex trading.


There is no room for mistakes in forex trading. One small mistake can impose a huge financial cost and make you a financial wreck. Forex trading happens at lightning speed and is very volatile. It is very important to have a thorough understanding of the technicalities of forex trading before you decide to start trading. Ignorance may be bliss in other spheres of life. Ignorance in forex trading is a sure step towards financial ruination. Knowledge and experience are the keywords in Forex trading. We will state the obvious if we say there can be no experience without knowledge.


The forex market is a fluid and dynamic place. Profit here is earned through fluctuations in currency price. It is of utmost importance to have a thorough knowledge of investment strategies and financial acumen to predict currency trends. In-depth knowledge of brokers, trading platforms, spreads, leverage, etc., is a must.


Online forex courses are designed and delivered keeping in mind different requirements of people. Some might want to brush up their knowledge, while others might start their forex trading journey from scratch. Different courses are designed to cater to the different needs of learners.

Some online courses may be generic to suit one and all, while other online courses may target experienced traders struggling in particular technical aspects of forex trading. And yet other online courses may be designed for only beginners. The price for different courses varies, and one should be careful in deciding which course they wish to pursue.


Here is a list of top online courses for forex trading

(1) is the top virtual tutorial to begin your forex trading journey. It offers comprehensive courses that take you through the forex market in depth. also offers you professional trading tools and continuous expert guidance. It gives you 7 demo classes to anyone enrolling for its course. The availability of free demo classes makes trustworthy.

The courses available on are very standard and apt. This virtual tutorial class was founded in 2012 by Nick McDonald. Nick McDonald is a leading independent trader with vast experience in forex trading. He has built his reputation on his success in the forex market. He has a deep knowledge of forex market functions and a global following. All information about him can be easily verified, and there is no risk in enrolling yourselves for courses offered by, under the leadership of Nick McDonald, has positioned itself as a centre for knowledge and learning in the forex industry. It provides focused courses and uses state-of-the-art trading tools. The biggest advantage of learning from is that it exposes its students to a vast trading community. Continuous mentoring coupled with exposure to traders with experience ensures a holistic learning experience for a beginner. Mentors working for are all professional traders who have carved a space for themselves in the forex trading industry by demonstrating their trading aptitude.

The singular motive of is to make their students pro in forex trading by using their forex trading methodology. Students are exposed to practical issues they may encounter while trading in the forex market. The theory is given weight, but practical exposure to the forex market is prioritized. This gives learners confidence to trade. It is quite evident from’s popularity that its pedagogy and teaching techniques are delivering desirable results. Their community trading room now has close to half a million members. Its Youtube channel too more than a quarter million subscribers.


(a) offers a huge range of courses

(b) Educational courses on offer are comprehensive

(c)  Gives its students access to trainers, proprietary trading tools, and a live trading room

(d) Free seven-day demo class

(e) Huge discount for yearly payment


(a) Courses are aimed at beginners, and experienced traders don’t have huge options in courses.

(b) Monthly membership plan costs substantially more than the yearly plan. An experienced trader looking for a few weeks or months of training will pay twice the amount as the one taking a yearly membership plan.


(2) Traders Academy Club

Traders Academy Club is the second best Forex Trading class to enrol yourself in. 

While caters mostly to the trading requirement of novice traders, Traders Academy Club’s courses are designed for beginners and experienced traders alike. Courses at Traders Academy are cost-effective, and you can access a huge range of educational content and resources against a payment of $297 a year. 

Irrespective of your forex trading experience, Traders Academy Club offers you a learning platform to learn and upgrade your trading knowledge. 

Vladimir Ribakov, an internationally renowned and certified financial technician, developed Traders Academy Club as a one-stop shop for traders from different backgrounds with different experience levels. 

Hundreds of Recorded webinars are offered to beginners and experienced traders. The online class includes prerecorded trading simulations and market analysis videos. Students are offered round-the-clock support and access to a chat room where all members can interact with instructors and the founder of Traders Academy Club, Vladimir!

The most attractive feature of the course is its daily live trading session. The session offers students detailed market analysis in the simplest possible way. 


(a) Course is designed not just for beginners but all levels of traders. 

(b) Educational resources are comprehensive and take care of all trading concerns and curiosity

(c) Learners are exposed to real-time trading strategies and ideas

(d) Access to a large and active chat room. Once a week, all learners can interact with instructors as well as the founder of this online classroom

(e) Access to group mentoring 

(f) Access to free training tools and ebooks


The cost of joining the Traders Academy Club is very high. 

(3) Asia Forex Mentor

Asia Forex Mentor is a disruptor in online forex trading mentoring. Ezekiel Chew is the brain behind this online class and is famous for his out-of-box thinking. He is a reputed expert in the finance industry and is a star speaker at major financial events around the globe. 

His expertise is much sought after by retail traders, and his vast knowledge of forex trading attracts huge attention in the forex market. 

Ezekiel has built his entire business model to “give back to the society”. His passion for educating upcoming forex traders has catapulted him into the position of a highly regarded, respected, and sought-after forex trading coach. 

Asia Forex Mentor trains traders employed with banks, fund management companies, and prop trading firms. 

One Core Program, offered by this class, trains you not only to trade in forex but also stocks, commodities, crypto beside much more. 

The One Core Program covers the following area:

(a) Unique way of interpreting charts 

(b) More than a dozen win rate strategies. These strategies work irrespective of market behaviour

(c) Roads to Million is a formula developed by Asia Forex mentor to turn new traders into full-fledged, full-time traders

Because of its unique style of training and learner-centric approach, One Core Program is counted as one of the best trading courses around


  • Gives access to multiple lessons in video format
  • No compromise on quality
  • Offers a comprehensive range of lesson topics
  • Believes in teaching by giving examples from everyday life
  • Focus on the practical side of trading more than the theoretical aspects


  • Very Expensive
  • Those unaware of Mr Chew’s thought process will find it difficult to go along with his concept and ideas.

(4) EToro Trading School

EToro Trading School is best for multi Market Overview. It offers a one-day course covering many trading areas, such as forex, cryptocurrency, and stocks. 

The main course instructor at eToro Trading School is Henry Ward, a professional trader with more than ten years of experience. 

eToro claims its course is designed for traders of all levels, beginners and experienced, but our research found its course better suited for beginners. Traders with expertise in forex trading won’t find anything new or exciting. 

The course introduces you to the financial market, acquaints you with financial terminologies, and breaks down fundamental trading principles in simple and easy-to-understand language. 

The biggest attraction of eToro is its introduction of trading personalities. This helps you understand your personality type and strategize accordingly. 


  • Offers classroom-based as well as online trading
  • Practical insights for beginners
  • Let traders identify their trading personality. This helps them strategize accurately 


  •  Classroom course is available only if you are willing to make payment.

(5) RM academy

RM believes in not complicating things which are simple and not simplifying difficult things. The focus here is teaching in the right way. RM believes that anything under the sun can be learned if you do not compromise on the learning approach. No prize for guessing that RM’s motto is easy, affordable, and understandable education for all interested in learning forex trading. 

Exciting and affordable educational courses are provided online for forex. A great thing about RM’s live sessions is it feels like watching exciting Youtube videos. You learn to trade and gain financial knowledge without ever feeling bored. 

Course fees are $199 for ALL-In-One-Package, while the standard package is available at $150


  • Offers live sessions daily
  • Comprehensive and easy-to-understand educational material
  • Periodic test to check your progress
  • Offers to you a unique feature called RM referral structure. Using this referral structure, you can become a trader and transform RM into your income source. 


  • Monthly subscription is required to retain access to all features. 

(6) Daily Forex FX Academy

FX academy doesn’t cost you anything. It is unbelievable but true. It was started by an internationally renowned forex authority and highly respected forex traders. 


  • It doesn’t charge a penny
  • Offers a comprehensive course
  • Strategy simulations
  • Learners can decide the pace at which they want to learn


  •  The only but the biggest flaw is the non-availability of a live trading room is an authority in forex trading and is highly reputed. It has been providing news and market analysis daily since 2006. started FX Academy with the express goal of skilling, up-skilling, and re-skilling traders of all experience levels. There are a total of 15 classes offered by FX academy. These classes are on various topics, including basic forex orientation to sophisticated trading techniques. Educational content has animated videos to make things simpler and more attractive, reading material to give holistic theoretical knowledge, and quizzes. Leaner can decide the pace of the course. 

(7) Bulls on Wall Street

Bulls on Wall Street were founded in 2008 with the singular objective of improving education for forex traders. This is a great online tutorial for beginners and traders with a little experience in the forex market. The online course offered by Bulls on Wall Street leverages innovations in social media to make market strategizing easier. 

The course fees are quite high, but the good thing is Bulls on Wall Street offers many payment plans.  

Trading Bootcamp, a 60-day program, was started in 2012. It covers the trading program in its entirety and teaches learners everything they need to become successful traders.  


  • Different types of choices available to suit different needs of traders
  • Members are given access to a chatroom where they can connect with their mentors and other traders
  • Classes are conducted live. Recorded lectures are also available
  • Learners can watch live trading


  • Courses are expensive and require monthly, yearly or one-time-down-payment for access
  • No demo class is available


(8) UC Trading

The UC Trading mentorship offers a tutorial in futures trading and is based completely on pop trading knowledge. It offers traders a unique professional trading approach and style. 

There are different mediums through which traders are trained in forex trading. Videos, Webinars, Discord server and one-to-one sessions are employed to give the best possible learning experience.

Mentoring is offered by an ex-banker and other experts in the financial domain. All the mentors have an experience of more than 10 years. 

The courses offered by UC Trading trains you in:

(a) Pop trading knowledge 

(b) Order flow strategies to ensure maximum profitability

(c) Learning to read the market dynamics 

(d) Developing an individual trading plan

(e) One-to-one teaching


  • UC Trading offers one-to-one training
  • Complete access to the Discord server in addition to resources and member insights
  • Helps and encourages you in developing an individual trading plan


  • UC Trading coaching sessions are very expensive. 

(9) The Forex Trading Coach

It emphasizes training traders to spot trading opportunities based on price options. The entire course is easy to follow and interactive. Training videos, daily trading suggestions, market analysis based on price fluctuation, and live trading room webinars are a few of the strategies used by The Forex Trading Coach to train traders in forex trading. 

The entire course is divided into 15 lessons. Each lesson is of 45 minutes in length.

The topics covered in lessons are as follows:

(a) Best money management strategy

(b) Introduction to MetaTrader 4/5 platform and its indicators

(c) Reading candle patterns

(d) Trade through Fibonacci

(e) Bollinger bands, etc. 


  • UC Trading lets you decide your own pace of learning. 
  • Gives you one year of access to daily trade information
  • You get lifetime email support
  • There is one live webinar every week
  • You get connected with an online community forum


  • Expensive course is one drawback of UC Trading online tutorial
  • There is no verification and audit of trading track record by a minor party. 



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